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Links to Science Fiction-Related Sites

Science Fiction editor and anthologist Lou Anders

Dave Langford's notorious British sf/fan newsletter, Ansible

Science fiction author Stephen Baxter

The British Science Fiction Association, who hopefully need no introduction

Science fiction and crime author Molly Brown

Artist and illustrator Jim Burns

Fantasy author Steven Erikson

Science fiction author Kelley Eskridge

Science fiction author Nicola Griffith

Science fiction author Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Infinity Plus - "SF, Fantasy, Horror"

Science fiction author Leigh Kennedy

- Australian sf/f author and martial artist Sean McMullen

Fantasy author China Miéville

U.S. Science fiction publisher Pyr

Science fiction author Christopher Priest

Science fiction author Alastair Reynolds

Science fiction author Justina Robson

SFSite - "The Home Page for Science Fiction and Fantasy"

Horror and Dark Fantasy Author Lorelei Shannon

Science Fiction Author Martin Sketchley

U.K. Science Fiction publisher Transworld/Bantam

Links to Other Sites

Michael Neill - Trainer and Life Coach Extraordinaire Paul McKenna - Hypnotist and Trainer
Matt Furey - Politically Incorrect Fitness & Fighting Instruction Dragon Door - Pavel Tsatsouline: high performance fitness
Lifewrite - Steven Barnes' site for writers
Barry Eisler, author of the John Rain thrillers


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